• Prince E Rickshaw
  • Prince E Rickshaw
  • Prince E Rickshaw

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Special Features

•Increased rear shocker performance				•Lots of storing capacity
•Wider Seating space						•Added front glass
•Option for rear glass						•FRP body much longer life
•Space for Advertisement					•Repairing easy in case of accident
•Warranty on most parts


No of passengers		4 Passengers + 1 Driver 

Load Capacity			More than 500kg
Motor Power                 	1kW
Max Speed			25km/h
Dimensions			2700 x 1000 x 1750 mm
Rear Suspension			Leaf Spring(double-eye with U-Bolts)
Brake System			Mechanical Drum brakes
Max.Braking Distance		2mtrs
Battery Capacity		~90km
Colors Available		Red, Green, Yellow, Blue



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